Our vision is to play our part in the evangelisation of the nation, the revitalisation of the church and the transformation of society.


​It is such a privilege to see lives and communities transformed in the name of Jesus through many different ways such as the community hub shop in Martin Street, the expanding youth group, a variety in worship music, and increasing engagement with community. We seek different ways to explore faith such as through Alpha. 


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The St Stephens Community Choir is a small community of enthusiastic singers based at St Stephens Parish Gardenvale.


At the St Stephen’s Community Choir, we believe that everyone can sing. We are open to anyone who enjoys singing. You don’t have to be able to read music or have sung in a choir before, and we don’t audition.


We meet every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm at St Stephens Church.


We sing music from a wide variety of genres including a cappella’, African spirituals, sacred, gospel classics, soul/pop/rock jazz and contemporary.


We would love you to join us!


2020 Rehearsals begin from the 2nd of April 2020


If you have and questions or queries feel free to contact Louise at music.ststephensgardenvale@gmail.com


Looking forward to seeing you on the 2nd of April