Our vision is to play our part in the evangelisation of the nation, the revitalisation of the church and the transformation of society.


​It is such a privilege to see lives and communities transformed in the name of Jesus through many different ways such as the community hub shop in Martin Street, the expanding youth group, a variety in worship music, and increasing engagement with community. We seek different ways to explore faith such as through Alpha. 


109 North Road Brighton, VIC 


(03) 9596 1220  or 0435 767 867

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Welcome to St. Stephen’s Gardenvale.

We are an intimate and relatively small congregation, but we are a growing family with a mix of tradition and more modern worship and use of liturgy and outreach. We have a warm and welcoming vibe, which is something very well known to this church.

We also have a growing sense of vision and vibrance, but we grow together and sometimes our needs and styles differ, which also brings us together – knowing that we all support one another in our journey and our walk in faith.

We are a grounded and close supportive community and we are a changing one too, because we realise that we live in a world of ever-changing issues and presenting challenges. As such, we work and grow together, passionate about seeing lives changed in the name of Jesus.

​Our vision is to play our part in the evangelisation of the nation – not so simple, but its our joy to try! …and seek to do our part in the revitalisation of the church and the transformation of society – what we strive for, is to be real, grounded, and connected to the life of the community because this is where real lives are.

We want to be real and relevant, not stuck and disconnected. The message of Christ is one of hope and transformation to every person, we think this is achievable and rich, and offers something that people are truly searching for.​

It is such a privilege to see lives and communities transformed in the name of Jesus through the community hub Op Shop in Martin Street, coffee club gatherings, ‘Train Your Brain’, Youth Group, Alpha, and simply by belonging and enjoying company, feeling valued, and being well received within a community of people who share hope and a belief in Christ.

​We hear so often about increasing secularism, and whilst its good to question, sometimes, we just need help to find answers and to belong – to find our place, you can find this at St. Stephen’s. One newcomer said, “I love it here, it’s not lofty and overly spiritual, it’s not full of judgement or religious hypocrisy, its peaceful, yet with a vibrant undertone – I feel welcomed, and I think I’ve found what/who that I’ve been searching for…”.

We are real, real enough to say that historically significant and beautiful Anglican (and other denomination) churches face closure, perhaps they always have throughout time – but St. Stephen’s maintains a strength because of its unique place in the heart of its community and its reputation for being “welcoming and ready”, ready to respond to the community and be a part of a growing Melbourne – so, we are building and adapting, which is necessary, we are building a home to a vibrant, growing, worshipping community having a significant impact on their local areas.

​Our vision is nothing less than seeing the transformation of society, impacting the lives of those in need and seeing our place in Melbourne changed.

The impact to our local area is achieved through our work with lots of partners, chaplaincy to Bayley House, Support with Rotary, the op shop, local hospitals and schools, having a presence in the local shopping strip, supporting people who are Homeless, families in need, nursing homes, 1:1 with activity groups, sports, overseas mission to Cambodia – to name just a few. Our congregation get involved by offering their skills, their time and their prayers to support all we are doing together to transform society.  

Why not come, and be part of this, your place, your community, your home church!